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About Us


We are a collective of like minded individuals that value individual security and liberty. We care about the world around us, and with our brand and product offerings, we hope that we can contribute to making the world a better, and safer place. This company stems from decades working non-permissive and austere environments around the world. The trust in precision, dependability, and operational capability from the elite tactical and aviation communities - is something that we continue to deliver to our customers today.

  • Provide unsurpassed response and delivery of products, services, and technical support, specializing in e-commerce
  • Employ statistical techniques to continually improve the consistency of products and processes.
  • Collaborate with our customers and suppliers to improve product effectiveness and availability, and enhance our understanding of mutual needs and opportunities.

Tier 1 Kinetics commitment to service before self is understood by employees and shareholders, and will only operate based on these core values of loyalty, respect, and excellence in everything we do.


Tier 1 Kinetics is committed to providing unlimited growth opportunities for its employees as well as its shareholders. We will use our brand recognition and experience to take our proper market share of the outdoor recreation industry.

We will always look to improve by seeking out experienced professionals to cultivate a climate of success and a culture of winners. Our goal is to be the largest volume dealer of firearms and tactical equipment in the country. "No" is not an acceptable answer.